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About Us

Mission Statement


Busy Hands Montessori believes in educating the whole child.  Through authentic and thoughtful Montessori teachings, encouraging independence and self-discovery, and celebrating the individual potential of each child, we help guide the foundational stages of their learning journey.



Core Values

  • Love and respect for the unique child  

    • Through a deep commitment to the Montessori pedagogy and valuing the uniqueness of each child, we are able to guide each child through their early years of education in a way that is strengthened by secure and loving bonds.

  • Continuous improvement through observation and a reflective practice.

    • We are committed to implementing a traditional Montessori philosophy informed by current research and best practices.

  • Commitment to Community and Parent Education

    • We seek collaboration and community with parents through a welcoming and open partnership with our families and parent education events, providing guidance and encouragement within a Montessori framework.


Each of our classrooms have dedicated teaching staff trained in the Montessori teaching method.  Our Young Children's Classrooms maintain a student/teacher ratio of 4:1 and our Primary classrooms have an 8:1 student/teacher ratio.  


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