About Us


Busy Hands Montessori is an early childhood education center backed by more than 25 years of Montessori teaching experience. Our school is dedicated to those marvelous early years of discovery and enjoyment. The teachers fill the classroom with an enthusiasm for life which inspires the child's creativity and natural curiosity. This, in turn, develops a positive self-esteem as a child explores the world around him without fear of criticism or ridicule.  


As parents we face the challenge of providing the very best environment for our children during these consequential years; birth to age 6.  Of course all of life's experiences are important but a child's first impressions of the world around him can mold his future like nothing else can.  

We believe that in order to make a difference in our nation, and in the world, we must begin in our own backyard.  And so, we have!

Each of our classrooms have dedicated teaching staff trained in the Montessori teaching method.  Our Young Children's Classrooms maintain a student/teacher ratio of 4:1 and our Primary classrooms have an 8:1 student/teacher ratio.