Nido Classrooms

We offer a carefully prepared environment where the child can develop naturally at his or her own pace. Our program is tailored to meet each child's specific needs. Each child eats and sleeps on their own schedule.

Our focus at this age is to engage each child in developmentally appropriate play that encourages the practice of their fine and gross motor skills.

Our environment will support your child's freedom of movement and their own natural development of that movement, as well as the development of order and language, all within the context of a deep and loving connection. 









Young Children's Classroom

In this classroom, we assist the child towards independence, social awareness and respect. There is also continued focus on gross motor skills development as well as language development, practical life, and concept development.


Our goal is to provide an environment that is nurturing and secure, but challenging, so that we may meet the developmental demands of the child at this age.  The younger child is a tactile learner, an active learner, and we prepare ourselves and the environment for assisting the child in their self construction.  


Children have the freedom to choose activities as they are drawn to them, preparing the younger student for the Primary Classroom.

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