Teaching and Administrative Staff

Jessica, Owner & Head of School

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Jessica moved to Portland with her family in 1989.  Gaining experience in school administration by working at the Montessori school her mother owned for 10 years, Jessica eventually graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelors of Science in Social Sciences with a minor in Sustainable Building Practices.  She also holds her private pilots license.

Jessica started Busy Hands Montessori in 2016 while pregnant with her second child with the goal of providing a high quality Montessori school for her own children.  

She enjoys spending time with her family including her two children ages 5 & 8, her husband, and their dog, Louie.  Her hobbies include architecture and design, reading, camping, and skiing.  If she didn't own a school she would be the editorial director at Architectural Digest.

Jaden, Lead Primary Guide & Primary Program Director

Jaden holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Portland State University majoring in Film Production with a minor in Spanish.  She has directed and produced dozens of children’s theater productions all over the Portland Metro area.  She also holds her Montessori 3-6 teaching credential from the North American Montessori Center.  Jaden is also trained in the Barton reading and spelling system and tutors children and adults in reading and language.

Jaden has been teaching in various capacities for nearly 20 years and has taught theater classes and summer theater camps. 


Jaden enjoys reading, film editing, watching movies, and spending time with her son, who is heading off to college.  If Jaden wasn't a teacher she would be directing films in far-flung locations.

Jane, Office Administrator & Enrollment Coordinator
Jane - picture.jpg

Jane is the Office Administrator & Enrollment Coordinator at Busy Hands Montessori.  She was born & raised in San Diego, California and is a recent transplant to the Portland Metro area.

Jane holds a Bachelors Degree from UC Davis in Human Development and was a teacher for many years before moving into the administrative side.  She enjoys working with young children because of the "aha moments" that are witnessed each day and the delight that comes from watching a child learn.  

Jane's hobbies include crafting, drawing, hiking, and the endless quest for the perfect taco.  If she wasn't working with children, Jane would be a professional artist and own a craft boutique.

Richelle, Lead Toddler Guide & Young Children's Program Director

Richelle is originally from Washington and Colorado but Oregon has been her home for almost 15 years.

She first began working with children as a nanny but was inspired to work in Early Childhood Education after the birth of her daughter 10 years ago. She has been the Lead Toddler Guide at Busy Hands Montessori since 2018 and holds her Montessori teaching credential from the North American Montessori Center for children ages 0-3 years.


Richelle enjoys spending time with her family as well as crocheting, painting, reading and drawing portraits.  If she wasn't working with children, Richelle would be..... that's it.  There's nothing else she would rather do! 

Satomi, Lead Primary Guide

Satomi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  She moved to the United States to study Linguistics, Fine Arts/Ceramics at the Ohio State University originally and then Education. After she received BA and BFA from Ohio State, she started teaching art at the Ruffing Montessori school in Cleveland, OH where she first encountered Dr. Maria Montessori's teachings.


Satomi's love of the Pacific Northwest came from her time living in Seattle, first as a graduate student in her Master's of Fine Arts program at the University of Washington and then as a working artist in the city.


In 2011 Satomi moved to Portland for her Montessori Primary teacher training at MNW and she completed her Master's degree in Education in 2015 from the Loyola University of Maryland.


She currently lives with her husband and 5-year-old daughter Juliet, and she enjoys cooking, eating, reading, and being outdoors with her family and friends. She is passionate about Montessori education and happy to be a part of Busy Hands Montessori community.

Dhvani, Assistant Guide - Primary Classroom

Dhvani was born and raised in India.  She has a background in Finance having received a Masters Degree in Accounting from her time at a university in India.  She was drawn to early childhood education in an effort to understand the needs of her own children and was eventually drawn to Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophies around early childhood. 


She completed her Montessori teaching diploma in 2008 in India and has been working with children ever since.  She strongly believes in the uniqueness of each child and their journey to self discovery and infinite possibilities. 

Dhvani loves music, traveling to new places, and exploring different cultures.  She enjoys experimenting with cooking and spending quality time with her husband and two children.

Shauna, Safety Specialist & Classroom Aide
Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 2.02.13 PM.png

Shauna was born and raised in Portland, OR.  After accepting a position in a local preschool, Shauna soon discovered that her passion lies in teaching and caring for young children.  She enjoys children's honesty and thinks that they're much more fun to be around than adults.  She has been working with children for over 10 years.

Shauna enjoys road trips, traveling solo, and listening to live music.  She is currently taking classes to learn American Sign Language and hopes to one day become fluent enough to act as an ASL interpreter.

Erin, Teaching Assistant - Toddler Classroom

Erin is from Klamath Falls, OR and has recently moved to Portland.  Erin graduated from Western Oregon University in Monmouth, OR with a degree in Psychology.  


Erin loves her work with children because of how joyful and happy the children are.  She hopes to one day combine her degree and her love of children by being a youth councilor.

In her free time Erin enjoys staying active and watching her favorite TV shows.

Emma, Classroom Aide

Emma was born and raised in Silverton, OR.  She recently graduated from OSU with her degree in Music.

Having recently moved to Beaverton, Emma is enjoying exploring the area, trying out new restaurants with her roommates.  Aside from her culinary adventures, Emma enjoys movie nights with her roommates.

Emma's passion for children revolves around making sure that children feel safe, supported and uplifted in their classroom environment.  She hopes to someday be a speech therapist and continue her work with children focusing on speech.

Brianna, Assistant Guide - Primary Classroom
Bri baby picture.jpg

Bri is drawn to working with children because of how rewarding it is.  She has learned a lot about herself and the world through teaching.  Her enjoyment of watching them learn and grow is what she considers to be most rewarding and she enjoys helping shape future generations through her work.

She is currently working on an Associates in Early Childhood Education from Central Oregon Community College.  


Brianna is new-ish to the Portland area having moved here a few years ago from Reno, Nevada where she was born and raised.

In her free time she enjoys trying new restaurants in Portland, going on hikes or to the beach.  She also loves baking and believes that, if she wasn't a teacher, she would work as a baker.