Summer Camps 2019

Ages 3 - 8 years

Summer Camps are $300/week with the exception of Theatre & Drama weeks ($600) and Track and Field ($150)

WEEK ONE - Gardening                                                                       

            We will start off the summer by beautifying our outdoor spaces.  The students will create a landscape design, plan a walking path, choose flowers & shrubs, and work together to bring their ideas to life.  Lessons on botany, native plants, and how to care for a garden will be part of this fun week.   


WEEK TWO - Predators                                                                          

            The most vicious predators of land and sea will be the focus of this exciting week.  Who is at the top of the food chain?  What makes each predator unique?  A visit from the THPRD Nature Mobile will be a special event this week.


WEEK THREE - Theater & Drama (2 weeks)                                       

            This two-week Theater camp will be an immersive experience in Theatre production. From writing the play and learning lines to creating props & costumes, these two weeks will be a hands on learning experience for all ages in the fun of theatre and drama.  There will be a performance for parents on Friday, July 19thfollowed by an ice cream social.


WEEK FOUR - Birds of Prey – the superheroes of the sky 

            How fast do falcons dive?  How do owls find their prey in the dark?  Students will learn about the fascinating “super powers” of Birds of Prey.  Our guest speaker this week is from PERCH, a local non-profit that rehabilitates these amazing birds.  They will be bringing our studies to life with LIVE native owls, falcons, and hawks.  This will be a wonderful illustration of the size, beauty, and abilities of these animals.


WEEK FIVE - 3,2,1 Blast Off!

            Space exploration, astronauts, and the night sky will be part of our space studies this week.  The students will learn what it takes to be an astronaut and will fly their very own space mission.  We will be hosting a trip to the OMSI Planetarium at the end of this week to watch “Starry Nights, Live”.

WEEK SIX - Mad Science

            This week will be filled with fun, messy, and explosive science experiments!  Elephant toothpaste, magnetic slime, drippy oobleck, are a few of the hands-on science experiments that the students will participate in.  Each day will include a new “Observation Station” for them to observe and explore different science concepts.


WEEK SEVEN - Reptiles & Amphibians

            Which lizard can go months without food or water? Which one has hundreds of tiny suction cups on its feet?  We will find out the answers to these questions and more during our exciting study of Reptiles & Amphibians.  Steve’s Creature Feature will bring our studies to life when he brings his snakes and lizards to visit.  This is always a fascinating week and Steve and his animals are one of the highlights of the summer.


WEEK EIGHT - Modern Art

            Kehinde Wiley, Jean-Michelle Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Banksy will be just a few of the Modern Artists that we study this week. It will be an exploration of what makes modern art different, and the same, as classical and fine art.  The students will be working with different mediums and tools to create their own masterpieces.  We will be holding a student art show on Friday, August 23rd.


WEEK NINE - Track & Field

            The last two days of our Summer Program will be some fun in the sun!  Students will compete in running races, long jump, high jump, javelin throwing, and more during this fun week centered on sports. We will be celebrating a fun and busy summer this week.  Parents can join us on August 27th for our Summer Picnic! 

Summer Camps are for students ages 3– 8 years and are offered at a weekly rate for students who are not currently enrolled on a regular, full time basis.  Camps are designed to encompass a full day – there is no half or partial day registration available.  Our academic program is maintained during the summer and is designed to challenge all ages and skill levels.

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