Development occurs more rapidly in the Toddler aged child than at any other time.  As such, great care is taken in this classroom to guide each child through this plane of development.  We assist the child towards independence, social awareness and respect through daily observations and lessons. There is a focus on gross motor skills development as well as language development, practical life, and concept development.


Our goal is to provide an environment that is nurturing and secure, but challenging, so that we may meet the developmental demands of the child at this age.  The younger child is a tactile learner, an active learner, and we prepare ourselves and the environment for assisting the child in their self construction.  


Children have the freedom to choose activities as they are drawn to them, preparing the younger student for the Primary Classroom.

Activities in the Young Children's Classrooms include:

  • Self-care: washing, dressing, toileting, and eating, according to each child’s individual capacity

  • Care of the environment: cleaning, food preparation and food service; plant care and animal care

  • Large-motor activities (indoors and out): walking, climbing, running, jumping, balancing, climbing steps, and more

  • Fine-motor skills: reaching, grasping, picking up objects, transferring objects, using tools and utensils, doing art work

  • Language: naming objects, describing actions and intentions, discussing pictures, conversation, music, and singing

  • Social skills: developing manners through interactions with peers, teachers, and adult-led small group games

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Young Children's Classrooms
Ages 15 mos. - 3 years